Saturday 23 February 2013

Scottish National Cross Country

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Scottish National Cross Country, Callendar Park, Falkirk
This was a bit of joke turning up to the Scottish National Cross Country off the back of no running, training or racing. I decided before starting that my only target was to complete the course at even pace, i.e. attempting to complete each of the 3 laps in close to 16 minutes.

I felt like I was running ridiculously slowly on the first lap, barely raising my heart rate, to complete the lap in 16:10.  I thought for the 2nd lap I was start trying to speed up a bit, but funnily enough the watch said 32:28, meaning I'd run 16:18 for Lap 2.  I thought for Lap 3, I would really start trying and would start passing lots of people, but when I attempted to find another gear it wasn't there, and I just carried on shuffling along at the same pace.  For the final kilometre I must have speeded up a bit to pass a few folk, but still got pipped by Bill Breckenridge and a couple of other runners in the finishing straight.
Pottering around Callendar Park
My final time was 48:50 for 220th place, so just over 4 minutes slower than I've run in the past.  My final lap, despite trying to speed up, was 16:22.  I didn't feel too disappointed afterwards, given that I had no expectations, and just wanted to get out for a run.

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