Sunday 10 March 2013

Loch Katrine Half Marathon

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My first run for a couple of weeks. A low-key one off event organised by Antarctic Odyssey.

Having pre-entered a while ago, I thought I might as well turn up, even though I wasn't remotely fit enough to run a half marathon at the moment. The warm up at Trossachs Pier was bitterly cold, so it was a relief to get going at 9.30am.

My only competition, Brian McGarrity of Shettleston quickly disappeared out of sight, leaving me to plod along in 2nd place. I had a plan to run at 4min/km pace, which would scrape me in just below 1hr25m. I duly passed through 5 miles in 32 minutes, which was bang on pace, however this didn't account for the serious hills being packed into the middle third of the race, hence my next 5 miles took 35 minutes, and I was  already looking at a 1hr27m time at best.

After passing the 10 mile marker, I was into the final 5km, which meant I was catching a steady stream of the slower 10k runners. Despite having plenty of people to chase, I was feeling fairly jaded by this stage, and running into the headwind was taking its toll, so I never really managed to speed up towards the end, and just pottered in with a time of 1:28:14, which was pretty much the slowest half marathon I've run, but it was nice to get out for a run on such a scenic course.
Loch Katrine Half Marathon

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