Monday 28 April 2014

Glasgow Miler Meet - Scottish 10,000m Championships

Photos by Bobby Gavin | Activity on Strava | Results

My first attempt at racing on a 400m track.  I was slightly daunted by be running in the "B" Race, since I could immediately see I was the slowest runner.  I was also nervous about the idea of trying to run fast, since I haven't run fast in any races this year, still not fully trusting my hamstrings.

Anyhow, the weather was pretty appalling. Cold, wind and raining. So it was a bit grim hanging around watching the "C" Race. I was actually glad not to be running in the "C" Race, since this gave me more time to get ready, and I'd rather be chasing from the back, than leading from the front.

Once we stepped onto the track, nobody seemed to know the protocol of how the race started, or where the start line was, but we were soon on our way, with Mark Pollard pace-making at 33 minutes, which equates to about 79 seconds per lap.

I just about hung on for the first lap before slipping off the back, chasing after Iain Burns of Bellahouston RR.  For several laps I thought I might catch Iain, until the gap became too big to close.  For the next few laps, it was just a question of waiting until I was lapped.  It wasn't until my 10th lap that Mark Pollard and Barney Phillips came past.

At the halfway point I glanced at my watch to see 17:53, so was thinking at this point that sub 36 minutes would be close.  I tried to keep pressing all the way, and it was helpful when Shaun Butler went by, so I could latch onto him for a while.

Before I knew it, we were down to 8 laps (2 miles), then 4 laps (1 mile), and then the bell and the final lap. For the last 200 metres, I was the only runner left on the track, so made the most of it to finish in 35:55.

It was also my first outing in the new club colours of Ronhill Cambuslang.

Glasgow Miler Meet - Hutchesons' Grammar School