Friday 30 March 2018

1000th race - European Masters, Madrid

M50 3000m results

20th March saw me complete my 1000th race in 18 years at the European Masters in Madrid.

It was a close run thing making this my 1000th race. The previous weekend I'd notched up Valentines Parkrun plus British Masters 1500m and 3000m to place me on 999 before heading out to Madrid.

The evening of Monday 19th I went out for a meal with seasoned campaigners Brian Scally and Anthony Treacher who have both been there, done it, and worn the T-shirt when it comes to winning world medals at masters athletics.

I felt very much a novice in their company, this being my first track race in a GB vest.

On the morning of the event, Brian and I left the hotel soon after 7am and wandered along to the stadium at Gallur.  There was a sobre mood at the warm up track, with GB athletes pottering around, trying to get inspired at 8 o'clock in the morning.

The M50 3000m race was split into 2 heats. I ended up at the back of the medal-winning race, with 18 runners on the track.  The pace was not fast for the first 3 laps, but eventually heated up.  I settled in behind an Irish runner before passing him near the end, and lapping the French runner in the photo below.  I was also lapped by the first 5 runners, with just under 500 metres to go, so as they hit the bell I still had 2 laps to go.  I managed to speed up a bit for the final 400 metres to finish 15th out of 18 starters in 10:16.

Despite being my slowest ever 3000m on the track, I was pleased to go through with the event, and come out the other end without feeling too disappointed.

Madrid European Masters 3000m.  Photo: Alan Ramage