Sunday 17 February 2013

Kirkintilloch 12.5k

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Before the start, I was feeling quite daunted to be running such a tough course, and felt like dropping out after about 1km.  I couldn't quite contemplate how I would last the remaining 11 and a bit kilometres at this kind of pace, but focussed on running at a steady comfortable pace, and counting down the kilometres and minutes.
Kirkintilloch 12.5km route and elevation profile
Quite early on I gave up trying to race anybody, and instead concentrated on the split times and keeping an eye on making sure I scraped in under 50 minutes. Once we got into the final couple of km, I managed to reel in Gary Mitchell, but also got jumped by a couple of runners right before the end, and couldn't find any sort of response.

On the way out
On the way back

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