Sunday 26 January 2014

Devil's Burdens Relay

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I haven't blogged in ages, mainly because I haven't done any running in ages.

Thankfully I managed my first successful run of the year at the Devil's Burdens Relay yesterday. This was my first run since 27th December when I bust my right hamstring at the Lancaster Festive 4km, and limped off the route.

I was feeling slightly apprehensive on the startline at Falkland, wondering if my hamstring would be OK, and duly started off super-slowly not wishing to shock-load my leg at all. Anyhow, I plodded along waiting for some twinges or ill effects, but nothing much happened, so I gradually pressed on passing Tess Hill, another runner, then I ran alongside Craig Mitchell for a while, before Ewan Jack caught us both. I tried hold position with Ewan, but he was that bit stronger, and I didn't want to force anything, so just ran as relaxed as I could.

Just before entering the finishing field, it was good to see James Callender and Steve Halsall heading out in the lead, meaning that Gwyn Bellamy must have run the fastest time on Leg 1 for the Westerlands A+ Team.

I finished in 13th position in a time of 28:31 for the 7.2km hilly trail run.

Devil's Burdens Leg 1 - Route & Profile
Devil's Burdens Leg 1 - Route