Saturday 13 October 2007

Manor Water Hill Race

13th October 2007
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9.6 miles, 2200ft

I decided to set off a bit more postively than usual and lead for the first 15 minutes. First to pass was Colin Donnelly, followed soon after by Brian Marshall, who tracked Colin to the summit of The Scrape before tearing off into the distance on the descent.

David Riach caught me soon after Brian passed, and we ran nip and tuck right until the line where David pipped me by 1 second. Ellen was once again 2nd lady finishing in 1:26:17. John Donnelly and Simon Triger arrived shortly afterwards in 1:28:12 and 1:28:42 respectively.

Race Route Race Profile Leading the first climb David Riach holding off Brian Marshall Ellen Homewood Simon Triger Chasing David Riach on the descent John Donnelly Simon Triger Post race group

Sunday 7 October 2007

Pentland Skyline

6th October 2007
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16 miles, 6200ft

Incredibly warm sunny weather for October.

I had a fairly quiet uneventful run, setting off steadily and jogging round steadily, albeit with increasingly sore feet towards the end. I arrived at Flotterstone alongside Al Anthony and Grant Stewart, and just behind Billy Minto. Steven Fallon who had started super-fast was just ahead on the long slog up Turnhouse. Al and Grant soon vanished off into the distance to finish 2nd and 3rd. I eventually passed Steven on the drove road, and caught Billy on Harbour Hill. Other than that I never saw another runner from Flotterstone to the end, so I was happy enough plodding along at my own pace, finishing in 2:49:14. Ellen had a great run as 2nd lady in 3:11:53 in her first attempt at the race.

Route Profile Race Leaders at Scald Law Climbing Scald Law Climbing Scald Law Climbing West Kip Climbing West Kip

Tuesday 2 October 2007

Lock 27 Time Trial

1st October 2007
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2.9 miles

Thanks to Charlie for all his efforts at keeping the Lock 27 Time Trial ticking over the past 3 years. Seeing as last night was ostensibly the final curtain, I thought I'd better make the effort at targetting David Riach's club record time of 16:13 from August 2006.

Having just finished Graeme Obree's autobiography The Flying Scotsman, I've learned to be less compromising... since for Mr Obree, if he wasn't close to death at the end of each ride, then he felt he'd failed badly.

I didn't entirely kill myself last night, but caught Nige before the top of Cleveden Hill, then caught Pat before Beaconsfield Rd, Nathan on Gt Western Rd, then passed Liz and Maureen just at the turn back onto the canal. I thought I'd pressed to hard, and was flagging by Dorchester Avenue, but kept pushing along the canal just in case I was anywhere near David's 16:13. In fact I was surprised when I finished and my watch read 15:49 - almost a minute faster than my previous best.

Times from last night:
1. Chris Upson, 15:49
2. Nigel Scott, 16:47
3. Pat Arthur, 17:14
4. Nathan Eagen, 18:18
5. Maureen McEwan, 24:30
6. Liz Horton, 24:40

Route In full flight Group outside Lock 27 Pub