Sunday 31 December 2006

End of Year Totals

Just calculated that I did approximately 67 different races in 2006 as follows: All Races in 2006.
The total time racing was just over 112 hours. The average length of race was around 1hr 40min, and median more like 44 minutes. This list includes 80 separate race stages, by including individual timed stages of multi-day races, ie. LAMM, Scottish Island Peaks and Defi de l'Oisans.

Cambuslang River Clyde 10k

31st December 2006
Cambuslang, Glasgow
Reasonably foul weather for the inaugural Cambuslang River Clyde 10k. Not a bad route. Pretty fast and flat, mostly along the Clyde Walkway between Carmyle and Dalmarnock starting in spectacularly unscenic part of south east Glasgow. The race was won by Allan Adams (Clydesdale) in 31:34, closely followed by Cambuslang's Stephen Wylie in 2nd place. First lady was Toni McIntosh in 39:15, running in a Stockport vest. I had my own private battle with Robert Rogerson of Kirkintilloch. We ran the entire race only metres apart. I finished 14th in the fairly average time of 37:14. 88 runners braved the dismal grey rainy weather for the last race of 2006!

No photos, map or heart rate graph because a) I couldn't find my camera this morning, b) I can't remember exactly where the race went, and c) I could be bothered wearing the chestband for once, and thought I'd see whether I could run faster without it. Not sure it made any real difference!

Saturday 30 December 2006

Westerlands Christmas Handicap

30th December 2006
2.6 miles / 350ft
Results  |  Charlie's Report
Rod Fleming was definitely the runner of the day, arriving with his fiancée Michelle, and his mother and father who all ran. Rod clocked by far the fastest time of the day with 17:38. I started 30 seconds behind Rod but made no inroads at all, and finished in 18:12, 34 seconds slower than Rod. Shona had a good run clocking the 4th fastest time with 19:25. Tom ran round in fetching blonde wig - not sure whether he was Madonna or Queen Boadicea, but he looked great all the same!
Race Profile Race Route Graham Benny Shiela Fleming Tom 'Madonna' Bertulis

Friday 29 December 2006

Wansfell Race Video

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Wednesday 27 December 2006

Wansfell Race

27th December 2006
2 miles / 1360ft
Results  |  Steve Bateson Photos
Grey and overcast, but stayed dry for the race. Very greasy and slippery on the way back down. Tracked Dan Duxbury on the descent as he weaved all over the hill. Phil Clark also passed me on the descent, but I managed to retrieve 2 places on the final section of road. Finished 25th in 24:21, 33 seconds slower than my last Wansfell in 2003. The race was won by Alastair Dunn of Helm Hill, with Sharon Taylor (Bingley) first lady. Second lady was English U14 Champion Melanie Hyder, who set off super-fast, and lead the entire field by some margin at the start.
Race Profile Race Route The Leaders Near the start Jack Holt Derek Schofield Melanie Hyder Melanie Hyder David Owens Jane Reedy Paul Tuson Rob James

Boxing Day Pica 4.7 miles

26th December 2006
Near Pica, West Cumbria
4.7 miles
Hilly road race in wild, desolate area of West Cumbria. Struggled round in 8th place, never quite managing to catch the young Border Harriers runners in front. Narrowly avoided getting beaten by 15-year old Laura Park who finished one place behind me. I asked her afterwards if she'd tried any hill running, and she said yes she was currently the Under-16 British Champion.
Race Profile Race Route

Sunday 24 December 2006

Helvellyn Christmas Eve

24th December 2006
Photo Gallery
The blanket of freezing fog cloaking Penrith and Ullswater gave no indication of the fantastic weather up above. Luckily I made the effort to head up the hill, and despite the late start still had time for a circuit of Helvellyn and St Sunday Crag. Once out of the cloud, conditions were like warm spring sunshine.
Profile Route Helvellyn - Striding Edge Summit of Helvellyn Cloud Inversion Sunset Cloud Inversion

Saturday 23 December 2006

Moffat Run

22nd December 2006
12 miles
Went for a pleasant if slightly mirky jog round the Moffatdale hills with Damon and Crispin taking in the main summits of White Coomb and Hart Fell.
Profile Route Damon and Crispin - summit of White Coomb Damon and Crispin Damon and Crispin - near summit of Hart Fell Crispin and Damon - summit of Hart Fell

Saturday 16 December 2006

Falkland Trail Race

16th December 2006
Falkland, Fife
6 miles
Found this race incredibly tough for some reason. Felt like I had the handbrake on for most of the race. Finished way down in 28th place in 38:46. First 3 were Al Hart (HBT), Lars Ottemoller and Mark Johnston (both City of Edinburgh) who all finished in less than 35 minutes. First lady was Julia Henderson of Helenburgh in 41:04.
Race Profile Race Route

Sunday 10 December 2006

Simonside Cairns

10th December 2006
Rothbury, Northumberland
11 miles, 1900ft
Results  |  John's Report
Travelled south across the border to Northumberland with Haddington-based fellow Englishman John Telfer. Luckily the weather was far better than the torrential rain and gales I left behind in Glasgow. Pottered round the Simonside Cairns race for the 6th year in a row. Felt OK for the first 200 metres, but then the first steep tarmac hill drained my legs of any life. Picked up later when we hit the forest tracks, and passed several folk, but they all passed me straight back as soon as we hit the steep heathery climb to Simonside.

Managed OK after that until the final long farm track, where I could only coast along in neutral waiting for the finish, and so had no answer when Dave Armstrong sauntered past with half a mile to go.

I finished 12th in 1:28:29, which was 9 seconds quicker than last year. Nick Swinburn of NFR won the race in a new record time of 1:14:34. This was 28 seconds faster than the previous record set by Morgan Donnelly in 2001. First lady was Rachel Vincent of Tynedale in 1:31:21.
Race Profile Race Route John near the finish

Saturday 9 December 2006

West Districts Cross Country

9th December 2006, East Kilbride
Results:  Men  |  Women
Not quite as muddy and horrific as Dunbartonshire (Kirkintilloch) Cross Country couple of weeks ago, although still pretty muddy and boggy in places. But that's what cross country is all about. A couple of tough climbs on each lap, but generally pretty runnable terrain. Just failed to catch David Riach at the finish, finishing 1 place and 6 seconds behind him. Don Reid was next Westie finisher, getting the better of Dave Calder on this occasion. I'll need to wait to see the results to remember all the other Westies, but I remember seeing Hamilton, John Donnelly, Alan Anderson and Graeme Orr all running.

In the Westies ladies race I think Cat finished ahead of Jane, despite Jane having a huge lead on the first lap. Muffy and Pauline completed the team.
Race Profile Race Route Start of Ladies Race Jane Robertson Cat and Muffy Helen Stuart Michelle Sandison Iona Robertson Allison Simpson and Sara Stevenson Helen and Michelle Iona Robertson Jane Robertson Muffy Calder Helen Stuart Catriona Miller Julia Henderson Claire Thompson Michelle and Elke Helen Stuart Allison Simpson Sara Stevenson Michelle Sandison Helen and Elke Elke Schmidt Allison Simpson Michelle Sandison Michelle Sandison Helen Stuart Elke Schmidt Chelsea Smith and Julia Henderson Claire Thompson and Jo Jeffries Catriona Miller Catriona Miller Alison in pink wellies Finishing Area