Sunday 15 October 2006

West District Relays

15th October 2006
Men - 4 x 4,000m
Women - 3 x 4,000m
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Following on from victories at the George Cummings and McAndrews relays, Inverclyde AC took first place. First ladies team were City of Glasgow.
We had 2/3 of a ladies team, and 2 men's teams. But somehow 6 out of 8 of the male runners ended up running with the wrong team numbers which made for interesting changeovers. Read the full story here.
1. City of Glasgow 44:53
16. Westerlands 51:55 (Jane 16:36; Pauline 18:29; Jane 16:50)
1. Inverclyde 47:12
31. Westerlands B 58:19 (Hamilton 16:02, Chris 13:50, DavidR 13:27, DaveC 15:00)
39. Westerlands A 62:38 (Don 14:44, Rob 15:23, Jason 16:04, Alan 16:27)
Westerlands men in time order: David Riach 13:27, Chris Upson 13:50, Don Reid 14:44, Dave Calder 15:00,
Rob McQuater 15:23, Hamilton Semple 16:02, Jason Kaushal 16:04, Alan Anderson 16:27

Race Profile Iona Robertson Jane Robertson Iona Robertson Susan Finch leading the 1st leg Susan Finch leading the 1st leg Iona Robertson Jane Robertson Jackie Thomson leading the 2nd leg Lindsey MacNeill with a clear lead on the 3rd leg Elke Schmidt finishing 2nd overall, and clocking 2nd fastest leg time Start of Men's Race David Riach - fastest Westie of the day Dave Calder Marc McColl about to be passed by Kenny Richmond