Sunday 26 February 2006

Kirkintilloch 12.5k

26th February 2006
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A cool fresh morning for the inaugural Kirkintilloch 12.5km Road Race. Sunny and a cold wind, but OK for running. Quite a hilly course on very quiet scenic backgrounds. The route consists of a 3.4km outward leg, followed by a 5.7km loop, and then returning along the initial leg.
Westerlands did OK with 2nd lady and 3rd MV40.
1. Blair Matthew, Calderglen, 43:30
8. Chris Upson, Westerlands, 47:57
13. Michelle Hetherington, Helensburgh, 49:44 (1st lady)
27. Catriona Miller, Westerlands, 53:58
74. Davy Broni, Westerlands, 62:36
105. Andy Freer, Westerlands, 70:13
150 runners
Profile of the course - About 15 climbs The Start Chris at finish Flying Cat Cat Davy Andy Andy Andy Chris at prize giving Impressive bing heap en route Bargeddie Parish Church silhouetted on drive home
Some of the photos courtesy of Kirkintilloch Olympians

Saturday 25 February 2006

Kings Building 5-mile

25th February 2006
A stark contrast to last Saturday in Falkirk. No basking in Spring sunshine this time. Far more bracing conditions with a bitter northerly wind and smirry rain.
As far as I know, the race was won by Juan Mareque of Spain, running for City of Edinburgh. The ladies race was won by Edel Mooney of Ireland, running in a Heriot Watt vest. A low-key event. The £5/£7 entry fee did not extend to any prize giving or post race refreshments.
I experimented with a top tip picked up from Es Tresidder during the week. His advice was to start fast, and when it begins to hurt then speed up. This worked up to a point. I certainly passed quite a few people on the long climb - who then immediately passed me again once it levelled off, with Edel trotting past at the halfway point as usual. But I just managed to fend off 2nd lady Sarah Blake - also running for Heriot Watt.
Not too many other hill runners there - just Alasdair Anthony, Ian Wellock, Michael Diver, Bruce Smith (who all beat me) and Kate Jenkins (4th lady).
Profile of the course - Quite hilly Route Map Dramatic sky from Newhouse Industrial Estate on drive home

Friday 24 February 2006

Drumpellier Country Park

24th February 2006
Drumpellier Country Park
Not an area I'd ever been to before.
Gartloch Lunatic Asylum is now being transformed into a luxury village of converted flats and new built houses. Monkland Canal was built to link the Monklands coalfields to Glasgow, and to link with the Forth Clyde Canal. It is now largely covered by the M8, but a section of it remains at Coatbridge.
Gartloch Mental Hospital being converted to flats Gartloch Mental Hospital being converted to flats Lochend Loch Lochend Loch Lochend Loch Lochend Loch Sunset at Drumpellier Country Park Sunset at Drumpellier Country Park Sunset at Drumpellier Country Park Monkland Canal at Drumpellier Country Park Monkland Canal at Drumpellier Country Park Monkland Canal at Drumpellier Country Park

Sunday 19 February 2006

Luss Hills

19th February 2006
12 miles / 3900ft
Circuit of Finlas Water with out and back to Beinn Chaorach, 713m.
Finlas Water Blair and Murdo Climbing Beinn Tharsuinn Summit of Beinn Chaorach Sheep on track
More photos and details here

Swan Lake Act 2

19th February 2006
Sunday morning sunrise at Alexandra Park duck pond, located in the East End of Glasgow.
This was my first trip to the park, having lived in Glasgow for nearly 16 years.
Alexandra Park at sunrise Alexandra Park at sunrise
The park was named after Princesss Alexandra of Denmark, who officially opened the Park in 1870. At that time her title was HRH Princess of Wales. She was married in 1863 to Edward, son of Queen Victoria, who in 1901 became King Edward VII.

Saturday 18 February 2006

Scottish National Cross Country

18th February 2006
Callendar Park, Falkirk
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Summary of results:
Women 8km
1. Freya Murray, 28:00
2. Collette Fagan, 28:13
3. Lyn Wilson, 28:47
38. Val Houston, 33:17
44. Catrional Miller, 33:41
96. Muffy Calder, 37:18
119. Pauline McAdam, 40:27
137 women runners
Men 12km
1. Simon Plummer, 39:10
2. Darren Gauson, 39:42
3. Don Naylor, 39:50
131. Chris Upson, 47:09
202. Brian Bonnyman, 49:35
338. Hamilton Semple, 55:08
351. Blair Millen, 55:54
414. Drew Turnbull, 65:34
422 men runners
Profile of the course Lyn Wilson, Angela Mudge and Freya Murray Lyn Wilson, Collette Fagan, Freya Murray and Angela Mudge Val Houston Cat and others Muffy Fagan leading Murray Lyn Wilson Iona Robertson Claire Gordon Helen Stuart leads Megan Clark and Michelle Sandison Clare Ward, Eilidh Wardlaw and Val Houston Lyn Wilson followed by Angela Mudge and Rosie Smith Angela Mudge and Rosie Smith Iona Robertson leads Lesley Chisholm Lesley Chisholm Claire Gordon Fagan leads Murray on final lap Freya Murray heading for victory Collette Fagan has to settle for 2nd place Lyn Wilson in 3rd place Callendar House Near the end of Lap 1 Getting passed by Michael Diver on the 2nd lap Callendar Park