Sunday 23 April 2006

Anniversary Waltz

22nd April 2006
11.5 miles, 4300ft
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2nd race in the 2006 British Championship series. The race starts and finishes at Stair in the Newlands Valley near Keswick, and does a circuit of Robinson, Hindscarth, Dalehead, High Spy and Catbells. Rob Jebb won in 1:31:00. First lady was Christine Howard in 1:48:31. I finished 122nd of 579 runners in 1:53:56.
Profile of the route Map of the route Chris Jill Mykura View back to Catbells Simon and Kirstin Bailey Rick Ansell Ali Welsh Leigh Warburton Sean Bolland Helene Diamantides Clive Davis Kate Jenkins

Friday 21 April 2006

Arnside Knott

20th April 2006
Went for an evening walk up Arnside Knott. This was my first new Marilyn for exactly 7 months. Arnside Knott was promoted to Marilyn status in early 2005 as described here. This puts me on 1311 of the 1554 Marilyns in England, Wales, Scotland and Isle of Man, with 15 left in England, 48 left in Wales and 180 left in Scotland. Not sure when I'll do another one.
Looking towards Arnside and Arnside Knott Arnside Railway Station Kent Viaduct Arnside Pier Arnside Beach House on High Knott Road Information Board View down to Kent Viaduct Summit of Arnside Knott House on High Knott Road Sunset on drive back to Glasgow

Sunday 16 April 2006

Manx Mountain Marathon

15th April 2006
31 miles, 8400ft
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Jogged the Manx Mountain Marathon yesterday with very sore right knee. After South Barrule my entire body was aching, so I stopped noticing the knee. Ended up 14th of about 90 runners, in 5:48:51. My main aim was to scrape inside 6 hours, which luckily I managed mainly by starting off very slowly. In fact I ran the entire race very slowly, apart from the final 400m when I decided to sprint to pip Michael Diver before the line. Paul Thompson of Clayton won the race for the third year in a row in a time of 4:54. First lady was Louise Staples of Worcestershire Joggers in 6:44, narrowly beating Debbie Thompson on her 50th birthday.
Profile of the route The start in Ramsey Climbing Snaefell above the Black Hut Descending to Greeba Bridge Climbing through the Slieau Whallian Plantation above St John's Michael Diver Louise Staples - 1st lady in 6:44 Top 30 results
Ocean Castle Hotel Danger! Bradda Head Port Erin beach Bradda Head

Wednesday 12 April 2006

Dumgoyne Handicap

12th April 2006
5 miles, 1300ft
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Inaugural club handicap race saw a healthy turnout of 21 runners. I had a good battle with Luke. We were level at the summit, but he flew away on the descent. I managed to keep him in sight, more or less, on the run back and clocked a slightly faster time of 43:50. Close to my estimate of 44 minutes for the route. Pat won the handicap overall, having started first and finished first.
Profile of the route Jason, Luke, Hamilton, Donald and Simon Ian McManus Angela and Alan Graham Chris Cat - fastest lady Route Map