Saturday 25 October 2014

Scottish National XC Relays

Results | Photos

My first time representing Ronhill Cambuslang at the National Cross Country Relays.  The weather was largely dry with the odd blustery shower passing through.

I was running in the V50 team along with Paul Thompson and Colin Feechan.  Paul went off first and came in well up the field.  I went out steady, and found myself running with Marc McColl and Paul Carroll.  I thought I would be able to hang onto them both, but somehow let them both slip away. The only runner to come past after the opening tussle with Marc and Paul was Graeme Murdoch of Gala who seemed to make up a huge number of places. I thought I'd run reasonably hard enough to give us a good chance of team gold.  Colin gave it his best shot on Leg 3, running 1 second faster than me in 15:40, but it wasn't enough to stop Andy Little of Shettleston snatching the lead in the final 800 metres or so.  We therefore had to make do with team silver.

Approaching the end of Leg 2. Photo: Bobby Gavin
Cambuslang M50 Team Silver

Cambuslang M50 Team Silver
Battling in the wind on Leg 2