Friday 12 September 2008

Simon Triger (1977 - 2008)

Tributes to Simon

Photo tribute to Simon

Reports: Chamonet | Daily Mail | The Herald

I have just received the terrible news that our good friend Simon Triger has died on Mont Blanc, aged 31. It is hard to believe the loss of Simon. He was such a genuine larger than life character who lit up the world with his infectious laughter and enthusiam.

Simon passed away on 10th September 2008.

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Unknown said...

We both just heard the awful news about Simon and are totally stunned. It is so very very sad. He was such a lovley and happy person. Those comments about his smile are so true!! The pictures on your site Chris are a true reminder of a kind and talented young man who will be very sorely missed! Aig fois Sim, Steffen and Cat.

Burnsie said...

Absolutely gutted to hear this. Never climbed with Simon but having spent the summer running with him I was looking forward to perhaps sharing a belay or two this winter. A really down to earth friendly guy that will be sadly missed.

RIP Simon

Simon Anderson said...

I'm very sad to hear of your loss, and sure you'll find an appropriate way to commemorate his memory.

Elsie said...

I am very shocked and sad to hear about Simon.

Thanks for the photos Chris, it's really nice to be able to remember Simon smiling away at his best.

Talisman Mountaineering | Cairngorm Guides said...

A fine tribute...

Marcela A. Zuchovicki said...

I am shock about the news of my dearest cousin Si. He was one of the nicest people I've ever met in my whole life. His only agenda in life was to spread warmth. My Cousin Simon was a very generous man. His love for sports was equally important as his passion for life and spreading loveaorunf his family and friends. Simon I miss oyu so much!!! Marcela Zuchovicki aka Marce

Nick Malden said...

A huge, huge loss. Simon really was very special. A hugely talented and enthusiastic athlete, yet still the most down-to-earth, kind and modest guy you could possibly meet.

Some photos of Simon from a happy weekend in May this year can be viewed here:

Rest in peace, Simon. You are sorely missed.


Nenad said...

Dear friends.
We didn't know Simon, however we just found out what really happened up there, we are really sorry.
On our way back from Mont Blanc my friend saw the ICE-AXE, glove and other clothes near the Hut, we were suprised because it was 100 meters from the Hut and the Ice-axe was positioned as if someone tried to stop(with the knife down) also there were some other clothes on the steep slope down, it was really suspicious. We alert the Rescue showing them the exact location.
We just found out. Its really pity that this happened, no-one expected outcome of this kind.
Once again we are really sorry for this young man.