Saturday 6 September 2008

Ben Nevis Race

6th September 2008
14km with 1360 metres of ascent

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My 5th time at the Ben Nevis Race, and 2nd fastest time in 1:52:35, although 6½ minutes slower than last year, mainly due to being 5 minutes slower to the summit. Ellie managed 2:17:38 in her first attempt at the race, despite taking some nasty falls.

Race route Race profile Ellie on the climb On the descent Entering the finishing field Ellie at the finish


John Kynaston said...

Congratulations on a great run Chris. Thanks too for posting the pictures - as usual they are excellent.


PS - what software do you use to show your routes and elevation? I've just bought a gramin 205 and am enjoying downloading info on to computer. Just cycle routes at the moment as my foot is sore!

Chris said...

Hi John,
Thanks for your comments. I was a little slower on the climb this year, but felt fairly strong on the descent.

For the route maps, I upload the Garmin 205 data to SportTracks, then export the track as GPX. Then rename the GPX file to an XML file and open it in Excel. I then convert in Excel the Lat/Long values into TXF track file format and paste the data into a Notepad file that I save with a TXF extension. I then import the TXF file to Memory Map as a track and highlight it and change the track colour. I then do a screen snapshot and paste the clipboard into Adobe Photoshop Elements and crop the image and Save for Web the image twice as 2 different image sizes for thumbnail and main image. I then drag the files onto my webspace using SmartFTP, so that I can use their URL in my blog posts.

For the elevation graphs I also use SportTracks, but copy and paste the clipboard to Photoshop Elements to add any text or annotation, before saving 2 different image sizes.

I gave you a shout at the start of the Glasgow Half on Sunday, but not sure if I got a photo of you.
Was it that the half marathon that caused the foot trouble?


John Kynaston said...

Thanks Chris for the information about the software.

The memory map looks good but I might need to wait for a birthday!

I've used and so far and they seem to work well.

I'm really impressed with the 205. I've only used it on my bike so far as my foot is still sore.

I saw the doctor today and he reckons it is just some inflamation on the joint of the toe so I should be able to start running again next week.

It was sore before the Glasgow half and I probably shouldn't have run but I thought it would be alright!

Thanks again


Deeko said...

Chris - you do know you can import gpx files directly into MM5?

BTW - My 305 broke again and they've sent me a 405 as a replacement!

Chris said...

Derek - yes I know about MM5 and GPX - however I only have MM4 :-(
But converting GPX to TXF is pretty trivial since the file i just a list of lat/long values.
Nice one getting the 405! Perhaps I'll need to break my 205.