Sunday 7 September 2008

Glasgow Half Marathon

7th September 2008

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The legs, mind and body were sore after yesterday's Ben Nevis race, so I just jogged down into towm and watched the Glasgow Half Marathon, which I never seen before.

Two Westies were running - David Riach who allegedly clocked 1:17:45 for 57th place, although David doesn't wear a watch, and wasn't wearing his ankle-strap chip, so we only have his word for that, and Stuart Burns who ran 1:39:14 for 1005th place.

I find it strange for a race that's so expensive and high profile, they don't bother publishing proper results. None of the runners have club or country against their name, or even what gender or age group they belong to.

David on St Vincent Street Race winner Emmanuel Mutai at mile 11 David approaching the finish Stuart Burns

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