Saturday 9 December 2006

West Districts Cross Country

9th December 2006, East Kilbride
Results:  Men  |  Women
Not quite as muddy and horrific as Dunbartonshire (Kirkintilloch) Cross Country couple of weeks ago, although still pretty muddy and boggy in places. But that's what cross country is all about. A couple of tough climbs on each lap, but generally pretty runnable terrain. Just failed to catch David Riach at the finish, finishing 1 place and 6 seconds behind him. Don Reid was next Westie finisher, getting the better of Dave Calder on this occasion. I'll need to wait to see the results to remember all the other Westies, but I remember seeing Hamilton, John Donnelly, Alan Anderson and Graeme Orr all running.

In the Westies ladies race I think Cat finished ahead of Jane, despite Jane having a huge lead on the first lap. Muffy and Pauline completed the team.
Race Profile Race Route Start of Ladies Race Jane Robertson Cat and Muffy Helen Stuart Michelle Sandison Iona Robertson Allison Simpson and Sara Stevenson Helen and Michelle Iona Robertson Jane Robertson Muffy Calder Helen Stuart Catriona Miller Julia Henderson Claire Thompson Michelle and Elke Helen Stuart Allison Simpson Sara Stevenson Michelle Sandison Helen and Elke Elke Schmidt Allison Simpson Michelle Sandison Michelle Sandison Helen Stuart Elke Schmidt Chelsea Smith and Julia Henderson Claire Thompson and Jo Jeffries Catriona Miller Catriona Miller Alison in pink wellies Finishing Area

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