Sunday 3 December 2006

Hugh Wilson 10k

3rd December 2006
10km road race
The wettest, windiest race I've done so far. Started off relatively unpleasant and vile, and then just got worse. Ended up with freezing cold torrential rain and gale force gusts. Not ideal conditions for a PB.
The race was won by Stephen Wylie (Cambuslang) in 32:23. First lady was Alison Winship (Garscube) in 41:37.
Westerlands results:
31. Chris Upson, 0:38:53
32. David Calder, 0:39:29
33. Don Reid, 0:40:06
41. Steffen Gorgas, 0:41:29
49. Rob McQuater, 0:42:23
59. Bill Fisher, 0:43:48
85. Muffy Calder, 0:47:52
95. Ian Struthers, 0:50:13
109. Drew Turnbull, 0:53:08
117. Patricia McLaughlin, 0:54:02
Race Profile Dave Calder Don Reid Dave Calder Danny McLaughlin - Greenock Glenpark Steffen Gorgas Warming down Rob McQuater Steffen and Bill

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris

I came across your blog when I was searching for information on the West Highland Way Race. I have entered for next year and have set up a blog to record my training and thoughts. If you want to have a look go to

I was very impressed with your photos of Nepal. In fact I'm using one as my background on the lap top! I did a trek with my Dad in 1982 to Kala Patar (just above the base camp) and had a great time. Your photos brought back a lot of good memories.

I'll be coming back to see how your running is going!!