Sunday, 18 March 2012

Alloa Half Marathon

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This morning I went for a 13 mile training run around the Alloa Half Marathon course. This was my first attempt at running for 2 weeks after a lingering cold and sore throat, and my longest road run since London Marathon 11 months ago.

The weather was perfect, with spring sunshine and hardly a breath of wind.

Great weather for running. Photo: Duncan McGougan
I kept a reasonable pace for the first 4 or 5 miles, before lack of training, stamina and endurance all kicked in. But also I was trying to run well within myself, and not get into competition with the steady stream of runners passing me. I was more interested in feeling fine, and getting to the end. My finish time was around 1:22:23, which is one of the slowest half marathons I've ever run. But I'm hoping that the run might kick start some much needed training in the 5 weeks before London Marathon.

Warm weather at Alloa. Photos:


Jean Pommier said...

Chris, great job on focusing on "feeling fine", that's also key for the mental and confidence building part of training. Good luck with your miles leading to London! --Jean

Chris said...

Thanks Jean! I read with astonishment and wonder at your running achievements each week. I've no idea how you pack so much in! New baby, new living arrangements, and a couple of weeks with a virus have set back my marathon plans. However, that's all part of the challenge. I'll squeeze in what miles I can the next 5 weeks, and try to enjoy the ride! Chris