Monday 22 February 2010


Have you ever wondered how hard it is to climb onto an elephant?
I find it quite tricky, since it's not something I practice on a regular basis.

Click on the image below to see how the expert does it:

From Chitwan - Day 2
Chitwan - Day 2
From Chitwan - Day 3
These photos were taken at Chitwan National Park in Nepal, November 2008. The area is inhabited by the Tharu people who live a quiet simple life growing rice and building their houses from mud and straw. It was strange going into one of these mud huts and discovering it had electricity and a colour TV.

During the day we had fun on the elephant safari, and during the evening we sat around in the hotel gardens getting savaged by mosquitoes.

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Unknown said...

It's clearly all in the stick Chris.
Perhaps best to wait until your gout has cleared up before trying again.