Saturday, 27 February 2010

Jack Crawford 10k

27th February 2010


This was never going to be easy, having barely run in the last 4 months. Most of last week I couldn't even walk with gout, and I've had a strained adductor since mid December, which gives shooting pains down my thigh if I try to run.

So this so-called race was really a test to see if I could run pain free. I deliberately didn't race for the first kilometre, thinking I could make places with that approach. The 2nd kilometre I felt OK, and passed a few folk and thought I might get away it, but then around kilometre 3 the wheels came off and I realised I was running on empty, and just went backwards the rest of the race to record my slowest ever 10k.

I knew even before I started that this would be my slowest 10k, but I was still hoping to get under 40 minutes, and just managed this by clocking 39:49, which was more than 5 minutes slower than 2 years ago.

My right adductor is now extremely sore, so I guess I won't be racing again for a while.


Jules said...

Bleedin 'ell Chris! i was wincing even reading this! Why would you enter a race scenario to 'find out' if yer still injured and sore - just to have it confirmed?! Ker-what?! Why didn't you just train on it and see how it went?! Yours in wincing confusion..!

Chris said...

I guess it didn't make any sense to enter that race, but I've been getting super-depressed and fed up not being able to run the past 4 months. What is most frustrating is that last Sept/Oct I was the fittest I'd been in a couple of years, then getting ill in Nepal and wrenching my adductor have scuppered all plans since.

Jules said...

I hear that Chris, still think you were bit daft setting yersel up for pain an dissapointment, mad bloke. That said, I do understand. Speedy sensible recovery to you pal.