Sunday 13 July 2008

Crieff 10k Trail Race

13th July 2008
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Just back from Crieff. Had a much better run than yesterday at Alva. In fact there wasn't really any running at Alva. It was more like 18 minutes flog up a steep hill, then slither back down. Crieff 10k Trail Race was far more my bag, starting and finishing in the wonderfully green and manicured Dallerie playing fields. You could almost be in England!

I started off steadily in 3rd place, going through the first kilometre in 3:32, before you hit the trail up Laggan Hill. Gradually 3 or 4 runners passed, lead by Ian Stewart - top V50 runner from Carnegie. Just after we crested the hill Bob Wiseman nipped past in a Central AC vest. From this point to the end, I was more or less running with Stephen Allan from Kirki Olympians, who I just failed to catch at the end. But I was happy enough with 8th place and first V40 - even if I was beaten by two V50s! - since I haven't been doing much fast running lately - and ran Alva yesterday, and just recovering from gout, etc. etc. My time of 38:29 was almost a minute slower than last year.

At the sharp end, Robert Gilroy won for the 3rd year in a row, and set a new course record of 33:22, whilst Ros Alexander of Carnegie was 1st lady in 41:59.

Robert Gilroy - race winner Dallerie Fields Race Route


allybea said...

Hi Chris. Glad you enjoyed our race. Someone from your club collected your winning cheque and bottle of whisky and promised to deliver them to you. Hope it gets there in one piece!

Ali aka Race Director

Chris said...

Hi Ali,
Thanks very much. Crieff 10k is one of my favourite races. And well done getting the results posted up on the web so quickly!
I should be along at Maddy Moss on Wednesday... if it was Bob who picked up my winnings...

Unknown said...

"you could almost be in England" ...
for those of us not in the know...where is Crieff?