Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Forfar Multi-Terrain Half Marathon

3rd February 2008
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Early morning torrential rain abated to give a fine run along the roads and trails around Forfar. The "multi-terrain" challenges included slippy muddy fields, umpteen gates to open and close, huge muddy puddles, and one fairly long section of knee-deep icy cold water.

I battled along with James Britton of Moorfoots in 2nd/3rd place, after giving up trying to stay with local runner Craig Stewart who opened up an early lead. Craig was never challenged, and won in 1:19:12. James finished second in 1:21:38, and I was about 20 seconds adrift in 1:21:59 to finish 3rd. Ellie had a strong run to finish as 4th lady in 1:34:12.

Forfar Route Lucy Colquhoun Ellie

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Andy said...

Thanks for posting these results, Chris. I've been checking the Forfar Roadrunners' site periodically but they still haven't appeared. It was quite an event! I ran the 2nd half either just in front of, or just behind, Ellen Homewood, and chatted afterwards. She passed me first of all on the underwater section! If you enjoy walking up hills as well as running them you might be interested in my website - www.walkingstories.com