Saturday, 11 June 2005

Ennerdale Horseshoe

23 miles / 7500ft
Moderately gruelling, especially in the later stages when mind and body started packing in. I was doing more or less OK until Pillar, but went rapidly backwards between Pillar and Iron Crag, before sort of coming awake again when a Clayton guy, Tim Edward, caught me and I managed to get going again. Dropped 11 places in the second half, but at least I got round in under 5 hours. The only place I really screwed up route-wise was after Haycock when I'd stopped concentrating and was talking to Chris Reade about Nepal, and then realised we had both inadvertently climbed Caw Fell instead of skirting it to the right, thus allowing several runners to get past.
1. Andrew Schofield won in 3:48
2. Pete Vale, 3:52
=3. Mike Robinson, 4:20
=3. Leigh Warburton, 4:20
5. Michael Cunningham
6. Colin Valentine, 4:35
15. Jackie Lee, 4:41 - 1st Lady
17. Chris Upson, 4:44

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