Saturday, 4 June 2005

Callander Crags Race - 4th June

3 miles / 970ft
1. Prasad Prasad, 22:02
2. Stuart Simpson, 24:41
3. Michael Diver, 25:39
4. Chris Upson, 26:27
8. Peter Buchanan, 28:35
31. Drew Turnbull, 35:27
43 runners
Unlike Bruno Brunod on Everest today, Prasad Prasad set a new course record at the Callander Crags race. I daresay Prasad got the better weather. It was warm and sunny in Callander. Bruno had to stop at 8200m on Everest, but Prasad made it all the way to the 430m summit of Callander Crags.
Clockwise loop of Callander Crags Profile of Callander Crags route


Troy said...

nice blog. I just hiked the kern river trail south of mt whitney, awesome river flow due to so.calif rains

Chris said...

Thanks Bill.
I've been to California 3 times and it never rained once!
Have you ever hiked the John Muir Trail? I'm thinking about it for next year.