Thursday 30 May 2013

Dumbarton 10k

Garmin track | Strava track

Dumbarton is the 3rd race in the Polaroid series, and ought to be the quickest.  Back in 2007 I ran my 10k PB here with 34:38, but tonight my mind and body were not up to the challenge.

I'm not quite sure how, but I seem to have put on 5kg in 5 months. This must be due to lack of exercise over the winter, combined with no let up in calorific consumption.  I daresay that humpfing 5 extra kilos around must partly explain why I feel like I'm running like a sack of potatoes at the moment.

Anyway, the combination of extra weight, not much training, and running the Kilpatricks Hill Race last night meant I felt very flat tonight, and couldn't find any extra gear for the last 4km.

On a more positive note, it was a beautiful night for running, and apart from running a ridiculously slow time, I did quite enjoy being out for a bit of social exercise.

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