Saturday 4 August 2012

Borrowdale Fell Race

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Borrowdale was my 3rd ever hill race back in 2000, after Glen Rosa and Maddy Moss. I'm pretty sure the race was cancelled in 2001 due to foot and mouth, but I ran the race in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

Summary of previous times:
2000 - 4:13:25
2002 - 4:04:47
2003 - 3:31:08
2004 - 3:59:51

A return visit was long overdue, so despite it being an English Championship counter, and having done no long hill runs this year, I decided to put in a speculative entry.

Ellie and Benjamin watched the field depart at 11am before disappearing off to Keswick for a couple of hours. I set out reasonably fast through Stonethwaite to the foot of Bessyboot, and then started sliding steadily backwards down through the field. Jasmin Paris caught me on the first climb, and then disappeared from view on the boggy run towards Allen Crags.
Approaching Bessyboot - Photo: Paul Dobson
I seemed to start holding position once I got to Esk Hause, and the flounder across the rocks to Scafell Pike. The descent to the Corridor Route was every bit as steep and rough as I remembered. Ross Litherland caught me on this section and dragged me along for a while, but had left me in his wake before we reached Sty Head.

I tried to gather myself for the climb up Great Gable by taking a good drink, and seemed to be passing a few folk as the temperature was rising. The descent to Windy Gap was a rather tortuous route choice to avoid a few rocks. Once over Green Gable I was aware of feeling pretty jaded, and not interested in running hard to Honister.

It was getting really warm by this stage, and I messed up by not grabbing enough water at Honister. The climb to Dalehead was a bit frustrating having run out of drink, and struggling with dehydration.
Final Descent off Dalehead - Photo: Paul Dobson

River Derwent
I was getting a bit worried by this stage that I might not get under 4 hours, so tried to keep up the pressure on the descent and run back to Rosthwaite. It was good to see Ellie and Benjamin just as I ran through the River Derwent with only about 500 metres to go. Given my lack of any sort of preparation for the race I was pleased in finish in 3:52:50, albeit way down in 77th place.

Borrowdale Fell Race Route

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