Sunday 12 December 2010

Strathclyde Parkrun #35

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Glasgow Parkrun was cancelled due to the snow and ice, so we headed down to Strathclyde Loch.

There were only 37 runners, and we were warned at the start that the course was covered with snow and ice, but I didn't anticipate quite how tricky it was going to be, and I'm not sure the Adidas Adizeros were the best footwear.

I set out as fast as possible, and went through the first kilometre in 3:17, forcing the pace until I could hear no more breathing behind. At 1.5km I reached a slight bend when suddenly my foot shot sideways on ice, and I crashed to the ground hard onto my knee and elbow. I got up quickly and tried to re-gain momentum, but had now lost confidence in my footing. The middle third of race was on a complete mixture of snow, ice, slush, wet grass and gravel, and required extreme concentration to stay on your feet.

I reached kilometre 4 without falling again, and then forced the pace back to the finish, running the final kilometre at 3:18 pace. My official time was 18:07, and I was pleased to win my first Parkrun, albeit with a depleted field. Ellie did well to finish 6th overall and first woman in 20:34.

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