Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Jura Fell Race - 28th May

Results| Ronnie's Jura report
The annual Isle of Jura Fell Race turned out pretty much a wash out. The campsite was battered with torrential rain and strong winds on Friday night. On the Saturday morning the weather was still sufficiently vile that race organiser Andy Curtis had to go for the bad weather route option for only the 2nd time in the race's 21-year history.

The "short" course isn't actually any shorter, but has nearly 2,000ft less climbing by going round the three Paps instead of over them. The weather was relentlessly wet and windy throughout.

Ian Holmes was a comfortable winner, making up for going off route last year. This time Ian was more careful by running with others through the mist and rain, before winning the race on the final 3.3 mile road section. Mark Hartell finished 2nd, having lead the race from Checkpoint 1 until Three Arch Bridge.

The Start| Soggy running conditions

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