Friday, 21 August 2009

Irvine Marymass 10k

19th August 2009


A few years since I'd last done this race, but only a few weeks since the Irvine 5-miler which is more or less the same course.

I set off like a scalded cat and clocked 3:16 for the first kilometre, which was probably a bit stupid since there was no way I could maintain 32 minute 10k pace. I felt tired by 2km and could only plod along at 3:40 pace for the next few km, which allowed Scott Martin of Kilmarnock to pass and gradually pull away.

At the 4.5km turn I could see a group of 4 just behind and realised I would get caught soon if I didn't start making an effort. So on the long steady uphill drag back I ground out a slightly faster pace and could see I was reeling in the 2 or 3 guys in front.

Bit by bit the guys ahead were coming back, and around 8.5km I caught Jamie Findlay of Irvine. It was a hard battle getting past, but as soon as I saw the 9km marker I started sprinting for home. This took me past David Houston of Glasgow Uni, and put Adam Peters in my sights who had beaten me at the Broadwood 5k last week. I was definitely gaining on Adam down but couldn't quite muster the extra 115% to actually close him down, so coasted in using him as a marker.

My time was 35:10, which is massive PB for the course and my fastest 10k in 18 months, but still a good bit off what I was running 2 years ago. Still it was my 12th race in 19 days, so I can't complain too much.

Ellie had a good run to finish as 4th lady in 40:10, which is her fastest 'official' 10k time so far, and getting dangerously close to clocking sub 40. She has once run sub 40 minutes at Leyland Boxing Day 10k in 2007, but the timings from that race were screwed up by the time-keeper forgetting to start the watch when the race started!

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