Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Caerketton Hill Race

12th August 2009

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My first Caerketton hill race in several years. I arrived from Newport, Gwent via Bristol Airport with an Easyjet flight to Edinburgh, then a quick trip to the off-licence for £95 worth of beer and wine for Bog & Burn prizes.

Legs still super-sore from Glenshee 9 plus last week's Tour of Clydeside. The initial jog uphill felt steeper than normal, and I couldn't quite reach the stile before breaking into a walk. Over the stile and Russell Anderson and Bruce Smith came straight past. My legs went into some sort of strange lactic cramp as I flogged up the steep bit of the hill, then got running a bit out to the cairn and back and made a bit of ground. More or less caught Russell again, but somehow forgot to overtake him before the stile, then once over he gained a few yards and I never managed to close the gap.

Social evening afterwards in The Steading handing out Bog and Burn prizes. Murray Strain won the series off the last 4 races, with 3 wins and a 2nd place tonight at Caerketton.

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