Sunday, 9 August 2009

Glenshee 9 Munros Race

9th August 2009


Feeling a bit tired after the Tour of Clydeside 4-race series.

We picked up JD at Banknock and made our way to the Glenshee Ski Centre. It was quite cold and windy when we arrived, but brightened enough by midday to run in a vest.

The start was steep and slow, and it took a while to get running properly on the long traverse out the first hill, Creag Leacach, switching places with Craig Mitchell and Dave Scott. The running around the next 5 hills was pretty straightforward before a fairly steep heathery descent, and tricky path that leads out to the main road where I switched drink bottles.

After the road crossing the route changes complexion with a steep flog up through heather to climb Carn Aosda. I passed Jason Williamson and Adrian Davis just before the summit, and could sense Dave Scott was catching me all the while.

The optimum route after Carn Aosda is not at all obvious, and Dave and I began a fiddly contour rather than climbing onto the ridge. As Dave passed me both my thighs went into cramp, and Dave thankfully stopped and gave me some High5 powder which thankfully helped to keep further cramp attacks at bay, although I was feeling super-tired and jaded by this point.

I reached hill no.8, Carn a'Gheoidh at 3:29, so I still thought sub 4 hours was on the cards, since the return leg to Cairnwell didn't look that far at all. However this last section contains a lot of hidden ground, with several hummocks on the ridge, so it was 3:58 when I reached Cairnwell summit felling pretty washed out, and not moving too fast.

The run down to the finish is nice soft grass under the chairlift, so I finished in 4:05, but pleased to get round having not done a long run in ages.

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