Thursday, 3 July 2008


NHS Direct on Gout | BUPA on Gout

My running activities have been brought to a crashing halt by a sudden and excrutiatingly painful attack of gout. I've never had anything like this before, and it came completely out of the blue on Monday with a slightly sore right foot, feeling like a trapped nerve. But by Tuesday night the pain was unbelievable, and my foot became so inflamed so that I couldn't weightbear or bend my toes.

Hopefully it won't last too long.

Swollen painful right foot Swollen painful right foot The Gout by James Gillray shows what gout feels like


Eddie said...

Tough, unbelievable luck Chris. Get well soon.

Chris said...

Thanks Eddie. Pain starting to ease now.
I heard you crocked your hand during Dave Scott's BGR last weekend. Hope not too bad.

Simon Anderson said...

You're not exactly a prime gout candidate. Why do you think it occurred?

Chris said...

Thankfully the pained has finally eased a fair bit, after 3 or 4 days of complete torture.
The info says to lose weight and drink less. But seeing as I don't drink, and would struggle to lose weight that's not easy!
The only candidates I can see for why this occurred are that I'm often highly dehydrated after racing, and I suffer from chronic psoriasis which can pre-dispose you to gout, apparently.

Unknown said...

Definitely gout?

I had something very similar appear a couple of weeks back and it was eventually diagnosed as cellulitis, a rather nasty infection. Just finished off a fortnights course of antibiotics which have hopefully sorted it.

Chris said...

Well the doc said it was probably gout, and my own web-based diagnosis matched the symptoms. Plus the treatment was Naproxen and Codeine (with gallons of water), and that seemed to do the trick.

David said...

I feel for you Chris. I had gout last year, and it was 6 months before I was ok. Just bad luck on my part. Mis-diagnosis etc. Both feet too, badly affected my fitness levels. Thankfully back running/etc now.

Get well soon. Like the blog. I've just picked up the running blog in the last 4 months or so. Loving it. Completed some local races too.

Christina said...


The chronic psoriasis and gout together seem to be more of an autoimmune response. Have you ever investigated a wheat intolerance? I cut it out and mine was cured (among several other things).

Chris said...

You could well be right about the wheat intolerance. I'm sure when I cut down on wheat-based food my skin improves automatically. Is there a way of testing for wheat intolerance?

Unknown said...

Hi Chris!

I found your blog to be really helpful, as I myself am struggling to diagnose my right foot which looks just like yours in the picture :(

My doctor told me I had torn a ligament when I paid her a visit on my last day of insurance over a month and a half ago. I knew it wasn't because I have done that before.

Anyway, I have suffered from chronic psoriasis for about 10 years now, and I am 30, almost 31 (in July). I also have read that gout is associated with psoriasis. I thought that at first I had extensor tendinitis, but the more and more I read about gout it feels more like that.

I now have no health insurance and no job, so it will be interesting getting medication for this. I have been elevating and doing no exercise, but have seen no improvement.

It hurts the most in the morning and it feels as if I have a sunburn on my foot, when all the blood rushes to my foot, as if the blood is getting trapped and it throbs like nothing i have felt.

Anyway, just thought I would share my experience in case it helps anyone else.

My tip: ALWAYS take what a doctor says with a grain of salt. I went to Kaiser, and have not received any adequate health care, especially when it comes to psoriasis. Your best doctor is online blogs like this and also your own research on etc.

By the way, what antibiotics do people take for gout in the foot?

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Karen Martin Photography said...

Thank you for sharing, I only looked into this when a friend suggested it might be gout. I've been suffering from psoriasis now for a year and my right foot has been inflamed for the last 6 months or so. This past week has been the worst, I can barely bare any weight on it at this point. It's conforting to know there are people out there with the same condition. I tried that link unfortunately the site is down, but I will keep looking...Thanks Chris!

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