Sunday, 29 June 2008

Arrochar Alps Race

28th June 2008
Approx. 25km, with 2600 metres of ascent
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Unlike last year when we both marshalled, this year Ellie and I decided it would be easier to run the race. The weather was fairly grim and misty and rainy, which made the steep descents off Vorlich and Narnain extremely tricky and slippy.

Ellie finished 1st of only 4 women to complete the course. I scraped in just under 4 hours in 14th position. The race was jointly won by Tom Owens and Simon Peachey.

Race start Race start Bealach a`Mhaim Bealach a`Mhaim Simon Triger Ellie in full flight Ellie in full flight Ellie nearing the finish Ellie at the finish
Race Profile against Distance Race Profile against Time Race Route


Simon Anderson said...

Chris, I'm really impressed by your blog, and so have placed a link in mine ( How do you include the images in the text of your blog so that they enlarge and open in another window? Presumably the race profiles are .pdf files from a Garmin?



Chris said...

Hi Simon, good luck with your own preparations for the Bob Graham, and thanks for the link to your blog.
I can email you the HTML I insert in my blog the images, and yes the race profiles are from my Garmin 205 Forerunner files uploaded to SportTracks, then screen-captured and saved as a JPG ater adding some text in Photoshop Elements.

Chris said...

Simon, here's an example of the HTML in my post for an image (but replace the square brackets for angle brackets):

[a href=""]
[img style='border:1px solid #000000; margin:1px'
alt="Race start"][/a]