Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Dumgoyne Handicap

9th July 2008

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A dry but windy evening saw 12 Westies lining up at Blanefield Monument for the 3rd annual Dumgoyne Handicap. Expert handicapper Jenny constantly shuffled the times until finally all the runners were off. First back in the impressively fast time of 46:44 was John Donnelly. Nige and I scored a dead heat with 43:23 as the fastest time of the evening, despite setting off a minute apart. Elsie recorded a new ladies record of 54:47.

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Simon Anderson said...

Looks like a great night out. It makes me think that clubs should do weekend exchanges, and train on each other's prettiest routes.

I wish that I possessed your talent for HTML and presenting images on your blog. Thanks for your tip Chris, but frankly, it was way over my head!