Saturday, 1 January 2011

Glasgow Parkrun #103

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My first race of 2011.

101 runners completed the course on a cold, dreich morning.

As for Parkrun #101, the route consisted of 5 laps of 1 kilometre giving 10 climbs up to the wooden gazebo in the corner of the field diagonally across from the Burrell.

I did my usual setting off as fast as possible, and lead up to the gazebo trying to open a gap straight way, but I could feel someone sticking to my shoulder and saw that Ross Milne of Central was not going to be easy to shake off.

I ran the first 3 laps in the lead with Ross right on my shoulder. I was half imagining it going to a battle on the final lap, but Ross took me by surprise by surging on the 4th lap and opening a small gap. This was enough that I couldn't respond, so I just coasted round the last lap, but working hard enough to hold 2nd place.

I felt a bit disappointed afterwards that I didn't put up a proper fight, but at the time I was feeling extremely jaded from a poor night's sleep and drinking the night before.

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