Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Narnain Boulder Dash

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The fifth running of the Narnain Boulder Dash saw a small elite field of 9 Westies, plus the ever faithful Drew Turnbull on time keeping duties.

Thankfully the midge situation was not too horrific, and the rain held off for a fine dry evening.

Muffy was away first, and I set off last on 12 minutes. I took the climb pretty steady and passed JD, Steffen, Don and John Hamer before the Narnain Boulders.

Once on the descent I was caught by Don on the steep hard stony track, but I followed him down at a reasonably constant distance, thinking I might have a go at him right near the bottom where the angle eases. However Don scuppered my plan by taking a nosedive into the dirt 2 or 3 minutes from the end of the race. It was just as he was passing Dom that Don went crashing to the ground. I stopped for a moment to check that Don could get back to his feet, and then continued the final 2 minutes, but without enthusiasm knowing that Don was badly shaken up and hobbling off the hill.

It was several minutes before Don reached the finish line where he was escorted back to the cars to get washed down and to clean up the cuts and scrapes.

A bit of a sorry end to what was shaping up for an exciting sprint finish.

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