Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Caerketton Hill Race


I went over to Edinburgh for Caerketton Hill Race, the final event of the Bog and Burn series.

I had no intention of running, and I hoped instead to get some half-decent photos up on the ridge leading to Caerketton, but the light was pretty dull and grey. The first 3 runners to appear were Paul Faulkner, Al Anthony and Andy Fallas, followed at a distance by Ted Bartlett from Barrow and Sam Hesling.

On the return, Al Anthony was firmly in charge with Andy in 2nd place, but Sam moved through on the descent to clinch 2nd place.

After the race we had soup and drinks at The Steading for the Bog and Burn prize-giving. Al Anthony was overall winner, with Adam Gatens of Westerlands in 2nd place. In the women's competition Emma O'Shea was first and Christina Rankin second, but neither of them made it along tonight.

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