Thursday, 17 June 2010

Kirkintilloch 10k

17th June 2010

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A very warm evening for my 9th race in 16 days.

I arrived straight from getting my legs pummelled by Graeme at Achilles Heel, so my calves were feeling a bit battered and bruised. I decided to treat the race as an experiment at concentrating on my kinaesthetics, and chose not to look at my watch once during the run.

I settled in with a group until about 4 km who I thought would be running around 37 minute pace. Slowly I fell off the back and didn't really have the confidence or strength to catch anyone.

After the bridge at Cadder I made a bit more effort to pass a few folk, and then once back on the canal I was passed by Paul Carroll of Clydesdale who I chased back to the finish without dropping any more places.

The 9 km marker was missing, so it wasn't obvious how far there was to go, and I was determined to not look at my watch, but instead focus on my running technique, keeping it nice and smooth and relaxed.

My target was simply to have a steady 6 mile run, and perhaps get under 38 minutes, so I was pleased enough to finish in 37:57, which was fractionally faster than any of the recent Polaroid 10k runs.

Ellie had a great run to clock 43:39, and 2nd senior lady, in her first race for about 4 months.

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