Friday, 4 June 2010

Dumbarton 10k

3rd June 2010

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The 3rd race in the 2010 Polaroid 10k Series.

A super-warm evening in Dumbarton. I took the train and arrived early in time for some long slow running before the start to try to ease off the legs from last night's Kilpatricks race.

The start area was quite congested with a sudden left turn to join the main road, shortly followed by 2 more sharp turns to drop onto the cycle track. This created a bit of jostling and a temptation to force the pace, which I resisted. My only plan for the evening was fairly unimaginative, but I decided to track Lesley Chisholm who had beaten me at the first 2 Polaroids by about 30 seconds. I figured that if I stayed right behind her, she would drag me along to a time of about 37:30. Johnston tried this same strategy, but blew up at 5km.

I got steadily dropped after 6km, and slumped further off the pace until the 9km marker, at which point I suddenly woke up and decided it was about time I made a bit of effort. So I experimented with the idea of actually overtaking a few people which seemed a bit radical, after not overtaking anyone at Helensburgh or Clydebank.

I was hoping to get under 38 minutes, but my time of 38:06 wasn't that far off, and was pretty consistent with the 38:19 and 38:00 at the other 2 races.

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