Sunday, 28 March 2010

Forfar bike ride

28th March 2010

Route on Garmin Connect

Still feeling pretty ropey with a cold, but Ellie and I drove back to Blairgowrie and then cycled along quiet back roads to Forfar. Perfect countryside for cycling, but Forfar is a grey grim unwelcoming town in the Scottish tradition, with not an open café to be found. Eventually we had to make do with re-fuelling at Tesco in Forfar, which also didn't have a café, before heading back. After stopping we both got pretty cold, and it took a while to warm up again. The intial cycle out of Forfar on the Kirriemuir road was unpleasant with fast-moving traffic hurtling past, but things improved as soon as we hit the back road to Mains of Ballindarg, and we enjoyed quiet roads along the Vale of Strathmore for most of the return journey.

The total route was about 84 km or 52 miles.


Yak Hunter said...

Sheer misery! The best thing about cycling is stopping at cafes. The north-east is a thrawn unwelcoming place...Well done anyway. Hope your injuries heal up soon and your cold goes. We're always meaning to cycle more and never do.

Jules said...

I'm having serious thoughts about doing some cycling in with the run training...not sure. not a big fan of two wheels. Glad its working out well for you and your abductor though. Better than racing on it then?! Duh! All the best..