Sunday, 21 February 2010

Gout (again)

Bupa Gout Info

Today, I am being punished for watching the National Cross Country yesterday, and have a disturbing level of pain in my right foot. I've drunk gallons of liquid, and am sitting with with a bag of frozen peas over my foot, wondering how much more ibuprofen I can take. I know it's drastic action, but I think I will need to become a vegetarian.


Stewart said...

The chap on the right is the sort one normally associates with gout.

Anyway hope it clears up soon

Unknown said...

Hope all clears up soon. You've been through the wars these last couple of months eh.

Speak soon.


Johnston said...

Sorry to hear that, Chris. You've certainly had a run of bad luck. Get well soon!

Chris said...

Thanks guys. My foot has been niggling for a week or so, before fully swelling up today. It's not very easy to walk now, so I guess I'll be at home for a few days with my foot elevated.

Thomas said...

Sorry to hear about that. You have had a lot of bad luck with injuries recently. But you are a very talented runner.
Hang in there and you will be back. I am sure you will be able to get close to 2:40 in a Marathon once your luck returns!

Chris said...

Thanks Thomas. It's been a frustrating past 4 months since the National Relays at Cumbernauld. I've not raced properly since then, but hope to get back training soon.