Friday, 12 February 2010

Bidean nam Bian

12th February 2010


I first climbed Bidean back in July 1983 with David Farnworth. I have climbed the hill 3 or 4 times since, but not for many years, so I thought a return visit was well overdue. The weather in Glasgow had been clear blue skies for most of the week, so I took Friday off and made an early start, and was hiking up the hill shortly after 9.30am. Unfortunately it didn't turn out as clear and sunny as I was hoping, and was cloudy for most of the route with no views at all from the main summits.

The descent out of the Lost Valley was quite tricky, scrambling down huge greasy boulders since I managed to lose the path. I spent a bit of time just before the bridge across the River Coe trying to visualise how my friend Bish McAra could have fallen and died here back in January 2005. There seems to be path cutting back right just before the bridge that simply leads to a precipice, which wouldn't be obvious if it was getting dark.


Jules said...

At the risk of being all 'stalky!' I just had to say that I remember David Farnworth! You and him were big buds and both played the fiddle didn't you? Blast from the past!

Chris said...

Well remembered! Apparently David has recently started training as a violin teacher, after all these years.