Sunday, 4 October 2009

Scottish Vets Half Marathon

4th October 2009

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This is a closed entry race for members of Scottish Masters Athletics, ie. old fogies who are a bit past it.

The race was supposed to be run as a handicap with each person nominating their own predicted time, but in the end all 21 runners started together to simplify matters.

The race starts at Clydebank and runs out for 6.5 miles to Maryhill along the canal towpath, before turning back the same way to the 13 mile mark, and from here it's only 0.1 of a mile to the finish, ie. about 160 metres.

I knew Paul Thompson of Helensburgh was going so we more or less arranged to run together. We set out a bit fast for the first mile (5:39), before settling into a more ploddy pace of just over 6 minute miles. Neither of us was really forcing the pace or taking the race on, preferring to stay within some sort of comfort zone.

At mile 12 it was clear the pace was starting to wind up, but I resisted making a move until we hit the 13 mile marker under the bridge, where the race had started. Suddenly from this point Paul started sprinting, so I matched him. Then Paul made his final move, which I managed to cover and then gutted myself to the line, pulling away by 3 seconds, finishing in 1:19:34. The time was nothing special, but I was pleased that I hadn't faded in the second half, like I usually do in half marathons, plus it was a fairly rare win over Paul these days.


Unknown said...

So tell me then Chris does make you a Scottish Champion ?

Only jesting well done


Chris said...

Thanks John,
Yes, I guess it makes my Scottish old codgers half marathon champion!
Although not a massive turnout...
You had a great run at Stirling 10k.