Sunday, 30 September 2007

Black Mountains Fell Race

29th September 2007
17 miles, 5200ft
Llanbedr, South Wales


53 runners set off for a grey and misty tour round the Black Mountains near Abergavenny. Lloyd Taggart was a clear winner in his first attempt at the race, finishing in 2:28:53. The next 2 runners were from local club Mynydd Du. 2nd was Mark Palmer in 2:30:15, and 3rd was Dave Finn in 2:36:40.

To avoid getting totally lost, I jogged round the course with Crispin Flower, but took off a bit on the final summit Crug Mawr once I thought I knew where the finish was. I was 4th in 2:46:16, and Crispin finished shortly afterwards in 2:47:32. 6th finisher and 1st lady for the 5th year in a row was Jackie Lee in 2:52:30.

My 75th race of the year.

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