Monday, 3 September 2007

Ben Nevis Race

1st September 2007
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Ian Holmes clocked his 6th win in 1:32:57, and Angela Mudge was first woman in 1:48:28. The weather was fairly cool and driech, but perfect temperature for running.

I set out nice and slowly, before picking up places on the road and jogging up to Red Burn in a group with Jamie Thin, Angela Mudge, Jon Wright, Andrew Robertshaw and Richard Pattinson. After the burn I was quickly caught by Manny and Steven Fallon who both tore off along with Angela - disappearing above into the mist. I more or less kept pace with Andrew Robertshaw until the turn at the summit a few seconds under 1:09.

The descent was fun with mist and smirry rain making it hard to read the ground, dozens of runners blocking the path at every narrowing, and Clayton's Paul Thompson on my heels. Once onto the green wall I passed Angela, but had Alan Smith, Donald Paterson, and Paul Sheard all reaching the tourist path first. I thought I'd easily catch Alan Smith, but this never happened.

Apprehensive at missing the cuts off the tourist path, I let Peter Kennedy and Paul Thompson drift in front, but once we hit the final mile of tarmac I ramped things up and passed Paul Thompson, Peter Kennedy, Donald Paterson and Paul Sheard to finish 19th in 1:46:03. Manny had already finished in 12th place in 1:42:18 for his 21st Ben Nevis Race at the tender age of 39!

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David McLaughlin said...

It's a long time after the event, but I've just seen the TV coverage. That looked like hard work in pretty murky weather - and both winners seemed to find it heavy going. See you at your work's Christmas lunch?