Sunday, 27 May 2007

Jura Fell Race

26th May 2007

Ian Holmes won his 5th Jura Fell Race overall and 3rd year in a row, finishing in 3:18:31, closely followed by Lloyd Taggart in 3:20:45. Angela Mudge was first woman in 4:07:55. I finished 13th in 3:57:53.

I resisted doing my usual sprint start up the track, inside sitting in behind David Riach and Mike Robinson. I ran with these guys, more or less to the first Pap, or until they took a poor line up a boulder slope. I found the normal route along a terrace to the right up easy grass and heather and caught Adrian Davis at the summit of Beinn a'Chaolais.

After the quick scree descent, Mike and I followed Adrian up Beinn an Oir with Dave Ward in hot pursuit. Dave promptly hurtled past on the grassy descent. Mike went after him, whilst I went through a slight lull on the climb up Beinn Shiantidh.

After blagging a drink of water at the summit of Shiantidh I felt slightly better and enjoyed pottering down the jaggy scree on my own, but aided by a line of walkers to aim for. Once across the broad lochan-filled col, I could track Mike, Dave, Adrian and Adam Ward up Corra Bheinn.

Descending towards Three Arch Bridge I opted for the river crossing, since I could see that I was catching Adam that way. I passed him just before the bridge, and checking my watch was relieved to see I had a full 26 minutes to make the road section to guarantee the sub 4 hours.

There wasn't really much point in rushing the road, with nobody in front to chase, so I plodded along at just over 7 minute miles, trying to avoid onset of cramp, and succeeding but for the final short climb to the finish which sent my right aductor into spasm - exactly the same as at the end of Stuc a'Chroin.

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Armin said...

Somehow I knew you were going to be there ;-)

Looks like you had nice weather as well. I went for a nice walk in the area in April, rain at first but fantastic sunshine later.

I'll blog this some time over the weekend, same as all the previous years...