Thursday, 10 May 2007

Dockray Hartside Fell Race

9th May 2007

Dull and cloudy evening.

The race started with a mile or so of uphill tarmac before reaching the open fellside. Ben Bardsley and Morgan Donnelly set off at a cracking pace, followed at a distance by Scoffer Schofield, Dave Birch and myself. Bit by bit Scoffer and Dave pulled away, but I thought I had a reasonable lead on the group behind. When I reached the top of the High Brow, I had no idea which way to go and got sent in totally the wrong direction by the marshall. This added a good detour which allowed the group behind to catch up and more or less overtake.

After that minor error I decided to stay with Mike Robinson over the next 2 summits of Hartside and Common Fell. Mike was pulling away on the descent and I was catching him again on the climb.

I just about caught Mike at the summit of Common Fell, but he easily got the better of me on the long tussocky descent, opening out a good lead.

Race Profile Race Route Paul Brittleton Mike Robinson Morgan Donnelly and Scoffer Dave Ward Hazel Jones

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