Sunday, 28 January 2007

Bellahouston 4k Cross Country

28th January 2007
Results:  Men  |  Women
Photos:  Women's race  |  Men's race
2 laps of Bellahouston Park. The men's race was won by Alastair Hay of Central AC in 12:28, with Mark Pollard 2nd and former winners Robert Russell and Simon Plummer 3rd and 4th. Morag Maclarty also of Central AC pipped Catriona Morrison in the last 20 metres to win the ladies race in 15:12. I finished 48th (and 7th vet) in 14:46.
Race Route Start of Men's Race New look vest!! Race winner - Alastair Hay The Finish Start of Women's race


Damon Rodwell said...

What's that wierd westies vest all about?

Ain't Bellahouston gorgeous when the clouds roll in!

Chris said...

Damon - Don't tell me you missed the great Westie Vest Debate!! Maybe I should kick it off again...

Featured vest is a unique limited edition. Why? Are you wanting one?

Charlie Campbell said...

Just watch yourself. You might get some SAL blazer jobsworth telling you, you can't wear it cos it's not the official club vest. It looks fairly good though, would like to see the prototype.

Marc said...

never mind ze vests.

You have been ordered not to do any more races !

You have done more races in the past two months than I do in two years !

Chris said...

I thought the Westies vest just needed to be yellow with a black 'W' on the back - in which case the new prototype (courtesy of Scott McKendrick) still hopefully satisfies that requirement.

It certainly made me run faster than usual, cuffing all the Bellahouston guys, just like we did at Devil's Burdens the day before!!

And Marc... you would be horrified to see my race schedule planned for 2007.

Marc said...

does anything surprise me anymore Chris ?

Chris said...

I tell you what would suprise me Marc... and that's to see your name on the start list for Ben Lomond 2007!

Marc said...

how much is the next question !