Friday, 2 February 2007

Campsie Sunset

2nd February 2007
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Just been out in the Campsie Fells to watch the sunset and moonrise.


Eddie said...

You make the Campsies spectacular Chris.

'Just been out' - what's this 'just'? There's not much 'just' about a run all the way out to Earl's Seat trig from Slackdhu!

Chris said...

Thanks Eddie.
I was quite impressed with this Wangie feature I discovered here.
Actually my "just popping out" into the Campsies took 3 hours!
This was partly because I faffed around taking loads of photos. And partly because I took a really bad line back into Strathblane from Slackdhu that involved thrashing through undergrown, up and down slimey mudbanks, over pheasant fences and through brambles in the pitch dark. This "new route" brought me out very close to the Blanefield Monument - but I wouldn't especially recommend it.