Sunday, 7 January 2007

Monikie Duathlon

7th January 2007
Monikie Country Park, near Dundee
4km run, 22km bike, 4km run
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My second ever duathlon, and first time I've been out on my bike in 18 months. Dropped 20 places during the 22km cycle, but retrieved 15 places on the final 4km run. Finished 24th in 1:17:09.

Drew Sharkey of The Bicycle Works won in 1:06:10. Shona Robertson was first lady in 1:18:42 and 34th place, despite her chain coming off and someone on tri-bars crashing into her while she fixed it.
Race Profile 4km Run Route 22km Bike Route Shona Robertson - 1st lady Chris After the Race After the Race Monikie Reservoir (South)


Anonymous said...

Nice one Chris, and well on track with 4 races in the first week of the year! Interesting that your heart-rate for the second run was a bit lower, but you ran faster.

Chris said...

Cheers. I think the 2nd run was faster for 2 reasons:
1) I'd warmed up by that stage
2) It was such a relief to get off the bike!

Anonymous said...

> "It was such a relief to get off the bike!"

So you are currently walking about like John Wayne!

natasha said...

hello, do you know if there is a duathlon in Monikie in October? thanks!